Sound Editing

Fully modernized and expertly
equipped sound editing suite
with 5.1 mixing capability.


The fastest feet in the East...

ADR & Voiceover

A wealth of ADR experience for
your project from start to finish.


Make Some Noise!

Whether it’s the complete sound post production service you need for your film, some emergency ADR, or some sound design for an advert, we have the skills and experience to carry your project through. We are always very happy to speak to you and discuss the requirements for your project no matter what size.

foleySound Editing

Our fully equipped sound editing suite runs Pro Tools HD in 5.1 hosted by Dynaudio monitoring. From feature length film, to adverts, documentaries and promos, our team can provide you with an edit that meets your specific requirements.  Its our mission to ensure that what you imagine is exactly what you receive.


Foley is a particular passion of ours, one that we carry with an acute knowledge built over many years in dark rooms. We have in house Foley artists and mixers on stand by to execute and deliver tracks which will shine.

ADRADR & Voiceover

Our team has a wealth of experience in this field, and so we are well prepared to deal with the high demands of your project from beginning to end. We understand it’s as much about social skills as it is the technical, a session only runs smoothly in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.  It’s our job to ensure that your session runs to a technical and personable perfection.

5-1mixing5.1 Mixing

Our staff are fully capable of guiding your project all the way through the sound post process to its inevitable conclusion within the classic and comfortable Archibold suite. Fully kitted with 5.1 and Pro Tools HD, we draw upon extensive knowledge and a proven track record during this final stage, offering a level of service that will finish your project to perfection, on time and to your budget.